Embodying the Goddess

Dancing Into Alignment

Embodiment has become a hot topic, but many people don’t fully understand what embodiment is. Is it body consciousness or awareness? Is it listening to your body? Is it using the body to process and release emotions and energies?

vanessa hylande dancer
vanessa hylande dancer
“The Four Brothers” – An open letter to my four beautiful sons.

“The Four Brothers” – An open letter to my four beautiful sons.

Once there was a beautiful and delicate spiderweb that was suspended between two tall trees in the forest. The web would catch the dew in the morning so that it sparkled like diamonds. On this beautiful web lived four brothers, each little spider bigger than the next. The mother spider worked hard to keep the web beautiful for them, because it was her pride and joy. She knew that this was their safety net, their home.

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Everything Tarot for Blooming Souls

Tarot Flower is a website for lovers of divination, astrology, and more. Check out daily readings, card meanings, basic tarot card spreads, and beautiful affirmations for high vibe living! 

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Essential Oils for Goddesses

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Goddess Crystals

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White Moon Magick

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