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Embodying the Goddess

Dancing Into Alignment

Embodiment has become a hot topic, but many people don’t fully understand what embodiment is. Is it body consciousness or awareness? Is it listening to your body? Is it using the body to process and release emotions and energies?

vanessa hylande dancer
Vanessa Hylande

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When our bodies become an instrument for creating art and meaningful expressive works, we are on to something sublime. I spent a long time performing other people’s works, both as a dancer and as a singer, but one day I decided that it was time to create my own vision.

Embodied Goddesses is my latest project, and we’ve combined spirituality, original music, choreography, written word, philosophy, and art. It’s really something special and holistic and we’re so excited to share it with you!


Vanessa Hylande Piano


I studied piano at the Idyllwild School of Music and the Arts and at the Conservatoire Municipal de Garches – St. Cloud in Paris, France.

I trained in classical voice at the University of California at Santa Barbara and in New York City with Jane Seaman and Janet Steele (CUNY).

I’ve had the pleasure of performing many works of musical theater, classical, and choral music and also many musical projects in the recording studio and for film. I was blessed to sing at Carnegie Hall, The Kennedy Center, and Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center.

I dabble with percussion, like djembe and doumbek, various recorders and flutes, and have been known to collect strange instruments like the vielle roux and various okarinas!

Here’s to bringing more music into all of our lives!




Vanessa Hylande Piano


I studied ballet at the Academy of Dance in San Luis Obispo, The Academy of Ballet in San Francisco, Boston Ballet Summer Program, Idyllwild School of Music and the Arts, the University of California at Santa Barbara, California, and with Edward Ellison in New York City.

I spent six seasons dancing with the Metropolitan Opera Ballet in New York and had the pleasure of working with many fabulous choreographers.

Dance your way through life and never stop!





Our 9 Month Embodiment and Ascension Program

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Embodying the Goddess

Living in Love

Living in love starts with loving yourself. It means saying “no” to situations and energies that are meant to tear down instead of build up, no matter where they come from. Living in love is not always easy. Sometimes choosing love is hard. Sometimes it hurts.

When people disregard your boundaries and needs, they are disregarding your soul. If you stop to look around you, you will know right away who in your life appreciates you and the light you bring to this world. You do not need to hold space for people who do not value your light.

People who truly honor and love you will show you in everything they do. Don’t be afraid to cut away the dead branches. You may heal the broken ones while you are at it. A rising tide lifts all boats.

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