“The Four Brothers” – An open letter to my four beautiful sons.

Once there was a beautiful and delicate spiderweb that was suspended between two tall trees in the forest. The web would catch the dew in the morning so that it sparkled like diamonds. On this beautiful web lived four brothers, each little spider bigger than the next. The mother spider worked hard to keep the web beautiful for them, because it was her pride and joy. She knew that this was their safety net, their home.

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Dream Dancing

By night I take your soul by the handand we dance as if nothing else matters.By day I remain in the love where we metwhile you remember to forget.Until darkness across the sky has creptand you kiss my face where tears were weptclinging to the hope you have kept.- Vanessa Hylande

In the Works…

We have some wonderful things germinating behind the scenes! Here's a snippet from our morning improv. Go dance! Be bold! Enjoy yourself!

Love Just Because

I would run to the ends of the earth with you right now Just because I want to I want to take your hand and dive into the sea So I can discover what it feels like to be free with you beside me.

I Am The Fool

Standing blissfully at the precipice, I am ready to step into the void of infinite possibility. The Warrior God has come home to his own temple. The illusions have been cast away now that we've left Pisces behind, and what our hearts are longing for has become stunningly clear.

Divide And Conquer: Somebody’s Gotta be the Bad One

For everyone that sits on their throne and passes judgment, I ask you: "What have you done to help those who are enraged? What have you done to prevent things from reaching this tipping point? And don't tell me you pay taxes toward their entitlements. I'm asking you what have you done? Human to human. What change have you made? What solutions have you thought of and pursued? Or did you just stock up on toilet paper and scream vitriol on Facebook while you ate your organic quinoa?

Reclaiming Our Power

Propaganda doesn’t work if you know it’s bullshit. Slander doesn’t sting if you don’t care. Manipulation doesn’t affect you if you know where it’s trying to lead you and you walk wherever you want to go instead. Have the courage to remember that your negative beliefs you have about yourself are not the real you. This disempowers the shadows, it removes their mechanisms of control. Remember who you really are, and then we rise.

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