Vanessa Hylande, dragon songes, frau mayer Vienna

Journey to the magical and powerful realm of the dragons.

Original works by Vanessa Hylande and Medieval recreations.


Friday, July 21, 2023

Frau Mayer 18:00

Rudolfspl. 12, 1010 Wien, Austria


Vanessa Hylande, Sayoko Akimoto, Frau mayer, Vienna, Austria

Plaisir d’Amour

Vanessa Hylande – Soprano

Sayoko Akimoto – Piano

June 3, 2023, Frau Mayer, Vienna, Austria

Moszkowsky – Op. 72-2 G Moll

Two Ancient Swedish Folk Songs:

“Sjöjungfrun och konungadottern”

“I riden så”

“Twilight and Shadow” – From “The Lord of the Rings”

“Pour l’enfant” – Joseph Canteloube, from Chants d’Auvergne

“Bridal Ballad” – Jocelyn Pook, from the Merchant of Venice

Moszkowsky – Op. 72-11 As Dur


Moszkowsky – Op. 72-1 E Dur

“Plaisir d’amour” – Jean-Paul-Égide Martini

Franz Schubert

“Ständchen” – Schwanengesang

“Ave Maria”

“Amarili Mia Bella” – Giulio Caccini

“Ah, non credea mirarti” – From Bellini’s La Sonambula

Moszkowsky – Op. 88 Ges Dur


Rossini Cat duet Vanessa Hylande Wonju Yun Sayoko Akimoto Frau Mayer Wien
Time Travel with Vanessa Hylande Frau Mayer Wien

Time Travel with Vanessa Hylande and Friends!

Friday, 11/4 @ 19:30

Frau Mayer: Rudolfspl. 12, 1010 Wien

Join us for a beautiful mixed program of Medieval, Classical, Jazz and American folk! From Rossini and Mozart to Van Morrison, I’m excited to share a spell-binding and dazzling program with you in collaboration with several fantastic musicians including:


Wonju Yun, Soprano

Sayoko Akimoto, Piano

Thomas Nothbauer, Saxophone

Magdalena Plattner, Piano

Moritz Wenzel, Guitar 


Vanessa Hylande, Soprano, is a professional performing artist who danced for six seasons with the Metropolitan Opera Ballet in New York City and performed as a vocalist in many prestigious venues in the US including Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center and The Kennedy Center. She is also a composer and choreographer and is currently writing her own musical theater work entitled “Ixchel” – a journey with the Mayan Goddess.


Wonju Yun, Soprano, studied music education and singing at Changwon National University. She attended the opera school at the Vienna Conservatory with Prof. Klaus Kment and prof. Otto Fritz (Diploma with Honors) Member of Seoul Musical performance in South Korea, concerts with Masan and Changwon Symphony.


Sayoko Akimoto, solo pianist, violinist, chamber musician and song accompanist native to Tokyo, came to Vienna to study at the Prayner Conservatory with Prof. Sung Suk Kang and subsequently Prof. Robert Lehrbaumer, with whom she completed her diploma as a concert pianist with distinction in 2019. Since March 2020 she has been studying with Ms. Tamara ATSCHBA and performing both as a soloist and with orchestra in Vienna, Salzburg, Lower Austria and Burgenland, as well as in France.


Thomas Nothbauer, saxophone, studied clarinet and saxophone at the Vienna Music University. As an orchestral player, he toured all over Europe, Japan and South Africa. As a sax player, he leads different projects from jazz to funk – including a gig with Joe Zawinul as a highlight.


Moritz Wenzel, guitar, founder of Creamy Business, the Uncivilized-Funk-Pop band, creates homemade songs that cover the previously mentioned genres in a rather uncivilized manner. This allows them to acoustically express their desire to dance, while instrumentally telling stories that elevate to another dimension. “Life is playing the music”.