Virgo Full Moon: A Day Without Women in Mexico

Dare to love yourself enough to stand up for what is rightfully yours. No matter how angry it makes them. No matter how much they beat you back down. Stand up anyway. Reestablishing balance will never be pleasant for those at the top. They will try to protect their spoils. I am glad Mexican women are fighting for this today. I will be joining them. Mercury is about to go direct - let's make our voices heard.

Maiden Moon

From Spell Songs. Original Lyrics by Vanessa Hylande Maiden Moon, manifest dreams as I tread the tender seams Walking gently 'tween dark and light, carry the torch into the night Cast away the old from the new Sew together what follows through May the seeds of dreams unfurl as I proudly walk this world So... Continue Reading →

Imbolc – In the Belly of The Mother

Under the vanishing light of the recent eclipses, the Goddesses walking this Earth planted new seeds. We got down on our hands and knees and dug our fingers into the dirt. The sweat dripped off of our brows as we repeated mantras to manifest plentitude and new beginnings. With this work, we sent our intentions... Continue Reading →

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