In the Works…

We have some wonderful things germinating behind the scenes! Here's a snippet from our morning improv. Go dance! Be bold! Enjoy yourself!

Virgo Full Moon: A Day Without Women in Mexico

Dare to love yourself enough to stand up for what is rightfully yours. No matter how angry it makes them. No matter how much they beat you back down. Stand up anyway. Reestablishing balance will never be pleasant for those at the top. They will try to protect their spoils. I am glad Mexican women are fighting for this today. I will be joining them. Mercury is about to go direct - let's make our voices heard.

The Empress Emerges from Stillness

The Sun has just moved brightly into Aquarius and is challenging us to open up to receive the divine cosmic messages that the universe is sending us. In this new age, our essence leads the way, and the systems and structures of the past decay.

The Emperor is Out of Control

At this moment, we are coming out of thousands of years of rule by The Emperor. In his positive aspect, this archetype brings authority, establishment, and structure. In his negative aspect, these qualities appear in excess and become destructive. The Emperor becomes a tyrant, controlling, rigid and domineering.

IX. The Power of Surrender

The High Priestess and Pluto: Ten Steps From Darkness to Light Photography by the esteemed Howard Schatz, Orenstein Studios For those of you who have experienced birthing a child from your womb, you know that there is a certain point of no return once you begin active labor. Aside from the physical pain, the psychological... Continue Reading →

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