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Tarot Flower is a website for lovers of divination, astrology, and more. Check out daily readings, card meanings, basic tarot card spreads, and beautiful affirmations for high vibe living! 

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Full Moon, Wyrm Moon, Welcome the Spring

"Wann starb wohl je ein Drache am Gift einer Schlange?« – sagte er. »Aber nimm dein Gift zurück! Du bist nicht reich genug, es mir zu schenken." (Nietzsche, Also sprach Zarathustra) It behooves us Dragons to remember that we shall not fall from the poison of a snake....

The Beautiful Retreat to Release the Unwanted

Listening to our inner knowing. How often does the rational mind dissuade us from what we already know deep in our bones? That beautiful whisper upon our ear, the caress of the realization. The brightening before our eyes, the awakening. Though it was always there,...

Maiden Moon

From Spell Songs. Original Lyrics by Vanessa Hylande Maiden Moon, manifest dreams as I tread the tender seams Walking gently 'tween dark and light, carry the torch into the night Cast away the old from the new Sew together what follows through May the seeds of dreams...

Imbolc – In the Belly of The Mother

Under the vanishing light of the recent eclipses, the Goddesses walking this Earth planted new seeds. We got down on our hands and knees and dug our fingers into the dirt. The sweat dripped off of our brows as we repeated mantras to manifest plentitude and new...

Blood Moon Wolf Moon on Middle Earth

It's raining outside as I write this. Big, heavy drops of rain. The showering cleanses everything, even my soul. Like tears falling from the eyes of great skies, I release everything. Rebirth is messy. The seedling sprouts from a dark, warm, place far away from the...
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