Spell Songs

Spellcasting Together: Spell Songs

Welcome to Spell Songs, my dream of using technology to bring my fellow Witches, Enchantresses, Goddesses, Wizards, and all other magickal beings together to spellcast as a collective! Each music video features my original music, ritual, and dance, and will also feature basic instructions for your participation.

What Are Spell Songs Music Videos?

The idea is that you can use my videos as a guide, companion, or background for your own spellcasting ceremonies. I will have articles with background information, related blog posts with current themes and ideas for preparation, and of course, the spells themselves!

The spells will be written out listing the materials and supplies, timings, and basic steps for spellcasting. I will regularly incorporate tarot, runes, crystals, oils and other magickal materials and supplies to give our spells more power. I set my intention from the moment my pen hits the paper and the entire process is a part of the manifestation.

My Spell Songs are part of my spellcasting process and are written and performed specifically for the spell I am casting. I sometimes find myself to be kind of a hermit – many of my sister witches are really far away from me! Now I get to share my magic with you and hopefully, you will share yours with me!

When Can I Use the Spell Songs?

Based on what is happening in my life, which always seems to completely sync up with what is happening in the collective, I will create spells to support our evolution and forward motion. If they resonate with you, join in! If not, they might come in handy at a later date! I will post new spells for the major cosmic events, powerful moons, and other major energetic shifts.

I also plan to post everyday spells that you can use at any time. Keep your eye out for love spells, abundance spells, and many, many more! Spells should be cast whenever they feel appropriate for you. There is no right or wrong, only what resonates with your current dreams, challenges, and commitments.

I hope to hear from you soon! Blessed be!

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