What is Spellcasting?

Some Theories Behind Spellcasting

Spellcasting is the practice of manipulating energies to achieve a desired outcome. Rather than working in the physical world, magick taps into the esoteric realm to create shifts in the flow of the various energies through the use of intention setting and release.

White magic spells are the safest kind of spells to cast, and they are the perfect place for the beginner witch to start. There is a vast array of spellcasting practices, which I will write more articles about later, but I think the first step is to determine what your own personal values are and to go from there.

What is a White Magic Spell?

White magic spells are spells that use the law of attraction to achieve your goals. Rather than compelling anyone or anything to behave in a certain way, white magic seeks to attract the energies into your life that you want. You can do this in any area of your life.

Let’s say you want to find love. You can cast a white magic spells to make yourself radiant and desirable. Or you can cast a white magic spell to generally attract love into your life. Once you start vibrating with this energy, your environment will match you. This is the basic law of attraction. White magic spells are about giving that which you want to receive and trusting in the Universe to provide it for you.

White Magic and the Wiccan Rede

White magic is a practice of spellcasting that generally adheres to the central tenet of the Wiccan faith, which is known as the Wiccan Rede. It’s a much longer text, but the central theme simply states “An ye shall harm none, do what ye will.”

That basically means that so long as you aren’t harming anyone, go ahead and cast whatever spells you want! But it isn’t always as simple as it may sound. This is because of the law of the Law of Threefold Return. Not everyone believes in that, but it’s a good guide nonetheless.

The Law of Threefold Return

What this rule of three states is that whatever energy you send out into the Universe will be returned to you threefold. That sounds fantastic until you consider the little problem of unintended consequences.

What if your intentions are totally pure, but you were missing some important information about your situation, and now the spell you cast has actually hurt someone in some way, shape or form? Sorry, but according to this rule, that negative energy is now pointed directly at you!

White Magic and Free Will

Also, there’s the pesky little issue of free will. What I mean by that is according to the strictest interpretation of white magic, you aren’t supposed to impact anyone else’s free will at all. That means no naming specific people in a love spell, or no manifesting that specific job. Why?

Because when you compel someone to love you, you are affecting their free will to choose who they love. And when you compel a boss to hire you for your dream job, you may be taking that job away from someone more deserving. What if terrible things befall them now because they didn’t get the job they were meant to have?

Oh man! That’s pretty restrictive, right? Well, there are ways around this, and they don’t necessarily make you a bad person. I know black magic has a really bad rap, but the truth is that it’s a practice just like any other, and it actually depends on what you believe and what you use it for. Did you know that lots of people simply don’t believe in the Law of Threefold Return? Who is to say if it’s real or not? What if its actually not “a thing?”

Dark Magic and Free Will

If someone is harming others and justice and karma don’t seem to be working, is it reasonable to impact a harmful person’s free will with a binding or banishing spell if it will save the lives of many? If a binding spell on someone like Hitler would have worked, would it have been worth dabbling in black magic to stop him?

The Danger of Dogma

I don’t presume to know the answers to these questions. Some people believe that darkness must exist in order to maintain balance. This is how souls grow and evolve – by overcoming and persevering in the darkest of times. But many others believe that if evil can be stopped, it should be.

What is certain is that this is a very personal decision, and therefore, I believe that dogma should be avoided. No person has a blanket solution that works for everyone. And this is what differentiates witchcraft from religion. It is fundamentally a practice.

Black Magic for Selfish Purposes

Black magic is the most powerful magic out there. It is typically used for selfish purposes, whether to achieve love, sex, money or just about anything else. It’s a method. Just like doctors have different treatments for physical ailments from massage to surgery, witchcraft also has an arsenal of tools that you can use.

Clearly, some practitioners use the powers of spellcasting for revenge and to achieve their goals at the expense of others. Sounds a lot like modern day warfare to me. The arsenal is comprised of different tools, but the end justifies the means. It’s up to you to decide what you feel comfortable working with, as for me, I never inflict harm on others, and that is my personal choice.

Black Magic for Good

This might sound like an oxymoron, but many scholars argue that a deep understanding of black magic is fundamental to, for example, undoing black magic spells. The worst curses and hexes were formed by a witch sending powerful, negative intentions.

In order to undo this, one must understand it. Where it originated from, how it was constructed, how to dismantle it, and how to protect against it. In this instance, it is extremely beneficial to have deep knowledge of the inner workings of black magic. Perhaps some of us light workers must be willing to walk through the darkness to protect the light.

Check back soon for new spells and articles on witchcraft, spellcasting and more!

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