The Phoenix Rising: Transformation and Manifestation Spell

Cast your spell with me! Just prepare your altar and click play!

Out With the Old and In with the New!

Going below is representative of deep introspection and self-reflection. It’s a process of figuring out what no longer serves us and making a commitment to let it go, no matter how difficult. As we surrender to this new path, we transform like the seed deep in the earth. We emerge anew, with clear purpose and intention, like the seedling growing toward the sun.

This transformative process is called “The Phoenix Rising.” The phoenix, represented by the most highly evolved form of Scorpio, self destructs in its own flames and is born again from the ashes. This transformation requires complete surrender. We must undergo an ego-death of sorts in order to truly ascend.

The main theme is permanently releasing old, negative karmic cycles and creating your new life with integrity and love. We are burning away negative constructs that no longer serve us, in order to make way for our true, pure, reborn selves to step out from the ashes.

Materials and Supplies

  • Sea salt water for cleansing your crystals
  • Copal or sage for cleansing the space
  • Salt for casting the circle
  • Candles
  • Crystals for banishing and for manifesting (light and dark)
  • Tarot (or other) cards, runes, or other symbols of your journey


Timing: When the moon is full and begins to rise


  • Wash all crystals in sea salt water
  • Prepare your altar
  • Choose cards or symbols that represent your transformation (For example Death, The Tower for endings, The World for transition, The Sun and The Magician for manifesting
  • Place dark crystals on the side of the moonrise
  • Place light crystals on the side of the moonset
  • Place and light candles in each of the four directions

Casting the Circle:

  • Light your sage or copal and walk the circle to prepare your space
  • Sprinkle salt as you walk the circle again, protecting your workspace
  • Sit or stand in front of your altar and meditate on your intention, that which you will release and that which you will bring in

The Body of Your Spell:

  • Begin the body of your spell whether through, chant, visualization, or other methods
  • You may write what you are releasing on a piece of paper and burn it, thanking it for the lessons your received
  • Visualize all negative, outdated energies floating away from you
  • Then you may chant, sing, dance, or write what you are manifesting into being
  • Raise the energy of the entire spell with dancing, singing, stomping, jumping, calling out – whatever feels natural to you! Focus on the new you!
  • Place your hands on the floor and send your intention deep into the heart of the earth
  • Then pull it back up and release it to the heavens

Grounding and opening the circle:

  • Gradually return your energy to the present moment and ground yourself
  • Thank any deities that have helped you in your work and walk the circle in reverse to open it
  • As the moon travels across the sky, the dark crystals will absorb that which you have released, freeing you from it
  • The light crystals will magnify and propel your intention into the new cycle
  • As the moon sets it completes the cycle and ushers in a new sunrise

I would love to hear from you! Please comment below and let me know how it went!