Spellcasting, Magick, and Ritual

This portion of my website is dedicated to my love of magick and spellcasting! It brings me joy to share what I have learned and what I am feeling inspired to try. And if you all join me on this journey, that will make it even better!

Nobody should ever tell you how to empower yourself with magic. Definitely do your research and always stay with what feels right and true to you. We all have a connection to the divine inside of us if we choose to open ourselves to it. And the whole point of spellcasting (in my opinion) is to find your own authentic inner power and use it to manifest your dreams.

I would love to hear from you! Always feel free to comment here and on my blog and if you want to send me an email you can find me at: vanessahylande[at]stagegarden[dot]com.

I’ll be adding more and more articles for background research in case you want to learn more!

Blessed be!!!