It happened on a winter’s night, that the magical boy was born. The month was 12, the day was 12, and so was the year as well. Liam was his name, and he came into the world strong. With a fierce will and twinkle in his eye, he blessed the arms of his mom.

Liam and Vanessa Hylande photo 2 by Howard Schwatz

She loved him so, as only mother can. She carried him to and fro. And until he could stand and until he could run, she held him tightly to her. That is until one day, when he never again home would return.

For years she waited to see his sweet face. She searched high and she searched low. But never did she see him again, because the man wanted it so.

So every night she sends the magical boy a kiss on the wind to the stars. As the moon shines and the stars glow, she loves him through dreams and through songs.

And she prays to the Goddess who blesses all moms, that one day he will return home. So that she can hold him again and see his sweet smile, and especially that twinkle in his eye.

Liam and Vanessa Hylande photo 3 by Howard Schwatz

Happy birthday, Liam Hylande. I hope you are as strong, beautiful and smart as ever, and may your spirit continue to shine. I will love you and miss you until the end of time.

Love you always,