Embodiment has become a hot topic, but many people don’t fully understand what embodiment is. Is it body consciousness or awareness? Is it listening to your body? Is it using the body to process and release emotions and energies? And how can we begin dancing into alignment?

Vanessa Hylande dancing

What is embodiment?

Embodiment does incorporate those skills, but what few people understand is that it goes well beyond the five senses. Getting out of the mind and listening to the body is just the first step. But becoming truly embodied is a highly spiritual transformation and a way of life.

Why embody through dance?

What makes dancing such a perfect vehicle for embodiment? And what sets it apart from other body focused activities and studies? What really sets dancing apart from other fitness programs is the artistry. When we engage in art, we engage our soul. Our emotions and our inspiration is in perfect communion with our physical self, and we are moving through space and time in harmony. And at the core, this is the foundation of embodiment.

How can I begin my embodiment journey?

If you are ready to embody your own inner goddess and you are looking for a nurturing and holistic community to support you through your ascension, then you are ready for the Embodied Goddesses “Goddess Yourself” course. This nine module program will give you the tools to become your own guru and the confidence and inspiration to manifest love and abundance in your life.