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vanessa hylande dancer

I studied ballet at the Academy of Dance in San Luis Obispo, The Academy of Ballet in San Francisco, Boston Ballet Summer Program, Idyllwild School of Music and the Arts, the University of California at Santa Barbara, California, and with Edward Ellison in New York City.

I spent six seasons dancing with the Metropolitan Opera Ballet in New York and had the pleasure of working with many fabulous choreographers.

Dance your way through life and never stop!



New York City

  • THE MAGIC FLUTE Puppeteer/Julie Taymor Metropolitan Opera
  • AIDA Ballet/Egyptian woman Metropolitan Opera
  • SAMSON AND DALILAH Ballet/Troglodite Metropolitan Opera
  • TANNHAUSER Ballet/Vision Metropolitan Opera
  • TURANDOT Ballet/Turandot Attendant Metropolitan Opera
  • FAUST Ballet/Carnival dancer Metropolitan Opera
  • MEISTERSINGER Ballet/Townsperson Metropolitan Opera
  • MADAME BUTTERFLY Ballet Metropolitan Opera
  • ROMEO AND JULIET Ballet Metropolitan Opera
  • AUDIO SUITE Lamae Caparas ­ “Lily” Collective Unconsc
  • BALLET BUILDERS 2006 Slam ­ “Two Steps Ahead” Florence Gould
  • BALLET BUILDERS 2004 Slam ­ “Pangea” Florence Gould
  • DANCEBREAK 2005 Slam ­ “Tarzan” SCDF/Geof. Cohen
  • TEARS OF STONE Nina Buisson BDC Showcase

Dance – Regional USA

  • SANTA BARBARA DANCE THEATER Principal Dancer (1999­-2000)
  • UCSB STUDENT DANCE COMPANY Soloist (1997­1998)
  • AMERICAN COLLEGE DANCE FEST Bebe Miller, Joe Goode Soloist


Maiden Moon

Music and dance by Vanessa Hylande

Maiden Moon, manifest dreams

As I tread the tender seams

Walking gently ‘tween dark and light

Carry the torch into the night

Cast away the old from the new

Sew together what follows through

May the seeds of dreams unfurl

As I proudly walk this world

So mote it me, Maiden Moon

The Gypsy Caravan

Written and produced by Vanessa Hylande Performed at Encanto Beach, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Video by Josef Rios, Digital Riots

The “Gypsy Caravan” takes you on a musical and magical journey through the ancient stories of our ancestors. Medieval and Renaissance songs from Sweden, France and Spain accompany stories of the moon, dreams, love, life, birth and even death. Spend the evening with dragons and mermaids, cast a wish into the wishing well, and enjoy the dancers swirling in colorful patterns under the moonlight.

Tee Om Gree

Performed at the Shrine Church of St. Anthony of Padua, New York City

Tee Om gree sor oonds fin

Tee om gree oo-onds fin

Tengers woo-oo oid all veals don pain

Te-engers, no-woo-oid, all veals don pain

Sor led it, led it rot, led it distill

“Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons

Choreography by Vanessa Hylande

New York, New York

Filmed by Antoneta Alamat Kusijanovic

Ixchel Joven

Young Ixchel dance solo for the Travesia Sagrada Maya

Xcaret, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Choreography by Vanessa Hylande.


My Voice For A New World

“The Four Brothers” – An open letter to my four beautiful sons.

Once there was a beautiful and delicate spiderweb that was suspended between two tall trees in the forest. The web would catch the dew in the morning so that it sparkled like diamonds. On this beautiful web lived four brothers, each little spider bigger than the next. The mother spider worked hard to keep the web beautiful for them, because it was her pride and joy. She knew that this was their safety net, their home.

Embodying the Goddess – Dancing Your Way Into Alignment

Embodiment has become a hot topic, but many people don’t fully understand what embodiment is. Is it body consciousness or awareness? Is it listening to your body? Is it using the body to process and release emotions and energies?

Living in Love

Living in love starts with loving yourself. It means saying "no" to situations and energies that are meant to tear down instead of build up, no matter where they come from. Living in love is not always easy. Sometimes choosing love is hard. Sometimes it hurts. When...

Windows to the Soul

Have you ever wondered what you would hear in my words If you were looking into my eyes as I spoke them? Sometimes I feel as if we are suspended between worlds You are always around me but cannot hear me And in my head, your thoughts invade me but I cannot see you And...

Playlist for Chillin’

Adorn Your Soul

Allow this new moon in Leo to be the precipice over which you fling yourself in order to embark on the road to your dreams. Manifest heart’s deepest desires and leave behind fear and denial. Be brave, sister souls! Especially in times of darkness, the world needs it’s dreamers.

Dream Dancing

By night I take your soul by the handand we dance as if nothing else matters.By day I remain in the love where we metwhile you remember to forget.Until darkness across the sky has creptand you kiss my face where tears were weptclinging to the hope you have kept.-...

In the Works…

We have some wonderful things germinating behind the scenes! Here’s a snippet from our morning improv. Go dance! Be bold! Enjoy yourself!

Surrender at the Lion’s Gate

The darkness of the womb that brings forth life is home to a great inner knowing. Let us follow the divine feminine path for a change and lead the world from battling to bestowing.

Love Just Because

I would run to the ends of the earth with you right now
Just because I want to
I want to take your hand and dive into the sea
So I can discover what it feels like to be free with you beside me.

Daring to Hope in Times of Darkness

Hope is giving ourselves permission to invest ourselves in a dream. Hope is allowing our hearts to sing. Hope is being in love with a possibility.

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