Visual Artist

Apparently, Emanuel Max, sculptor of one of the statues on the Charles Bridge in Prague, is my relative. Not that I should take credit for his work or assume that his talent somehow trickled down, but I do think it’s pretty cool. I did come from a long line of visual artists. My grandfather, Ernest Pokorny, was a fabulous painter who used to restore frescoes and murals in churches in Austria and around Europe.

In any case, my Dad always had oil paints around the house and much to the chagrin of my parents, I began painting strange murals on the walls of my room in my teens. Oil paints on walls is a bad combination.

Apparently my childish ways have not ceased to express themselves….

Sadly, and in true Vanessa fashion, I painted the whole thing in washable kids paints – you know, as a mom of four boys I have lots of those laying around. So, instead of being permanently stained into the wall, “The Owl and the Snake” is gradually fading into nothingness. One of these days I’ll give it a makeover.