I began setting my first musical theater project once I arrived to Playa del Carmen. I founded the StageGarden Project, which is a fluid ensemble of artists from various disciplines. My first show was the Beachfront Gypsy Caravan, premiered and had its run at Encanto Beach, Playa del Carmen through Air BnB Concerts. It consists of original choreography, some original music, and other Medieval and Renaissance pieces that have been arranged for the show. The Caravan is a standing and adaptable show that we will continue to perform in Mexico and abroad.

“Es realmente una obra maestra de arte en movimiento y sobre la Playa!! La energía que transmiten las personas, la música, el ambiente, el guión, la obra, el baile, es increíble, te toca el alma. Sin dudas lo recomiendo y volvería a ir!!”

“It’s really a masterpiece of art in movement and on the Beach!! The energy that people transmit, the music, the environment, the script, the work, the dance, it’s amazing, it touches your soul and I would go again!!

Currently In Production

I am currently writing a completely original musical inspired by the Mayan Goddess Ixchel. It is a story that explores the themes of interpersonal relationships, self-love, self-discovery, and intimate partner violence and abuse, all through the lens of archetypes, fantasy and fairy tale.