Adorn Your Soul

Allow this new moon in Leo to be the precipice over which you fling yourself in order to embark on the road to your dreams. Manifest heart's deepest desires and leave behind fear and denial. Be brave, sister souls! Especially in times of darkness, the world needs it's dreamers.

I Am The Fool

Standing blissfully at the precipice, I am ready to step into the void of infinite possibility. The Warrior God has come home to his own temple. The illusions have been cast away now that we've left Pisces behind, and what our hearts are longing for has become stunningly clear.

The Sacred Temple: Creating Sanctuary Within and Without

I stood in the middle of the storm wondering where I might find shelter. My mind raced through a million options, none of which provided any real comfort. My heart was longing for something I could not reach. I knew exactly what it was and where to find it, but the road was laden with impossibility. All paths seemed to lead me in a circle right back to my starting point. Spinning and spinning, a frantic stillness emerged. And that is when they first spoke to me.

Virgo Full Moon: A Day Without Women in Mexico

Dare to love yourself enough to stand up for what is rightfully yours. No matter how angry it makes them. No matter how much they beat you back down. Stand up anyway. Reestablishing balance will never be pleasant for those at the top. They will try to protect their spoils. I am glad Mexican women are fighting for this today. I will be joining them. Mercury is about to go direct - let's make our voices heard.

Retrograde Revelations

A period of unavoidable stillness. Mercury churns in reverse through the dreamscape of Pisces. There is no unseeing what is being revealed. The chasm between the old and the new expands. We must choose whether to fall or fly. When the Hanged Man looks at his life, he sees it from a new perspective. He... Continue Reading →

The Empress Emerges from Stillness

The Sun has just moved brightly into Aquarius and is challenging us to open up to receive the divine cosmic messages that the universe is sending us. In this new age, our essence leads the way, and the systems and structures of the past decay.

The First Whispers of the High Priestess

How to Restore Our Divine Feminine with this Aquarius New Moon We are at a turning point once again. We spent months realizing, identifying, accepting and releasing everything that needed to left behind. A dramatic ending heralded a new beginning, and now we are being asked to step into our authentic selves. After shedding many... Continue Reading →

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