The Empress Emerges from Stillness

Restoring Our Divine Feminine With This New Moon in Aquarius

Pluto will be around for a while and we will continue to work through our shadow sides over the next few months. But the Sun has just moved brightly into Aquarius and is challenging us to open up to receive the divine cosmic messages that the universe is sending us. In this new age, our essence leads the way, and the systems and structures of the past decay.

The Empress will bloom our new world into existence like the lotus of the sacral chakra. Our soul’s mission has already been born, but we must nurture it. This is the gift of the Divine Feminine. This is the domain of The Empress. The High Priestess knows the answers, and the Empress knows the way.

The Empress is Authentic Creation

In the Tarot, The Empress represents love, creativity, beauty, grace. Along with the Divine Wisdom that the High Priestess has encouraged us to embrace, we are being given permission to release our inner Empress. She represents the connection to Mother Earth and life itself.

Nurturing, creative self-expression, sensuality, these are all aspects of the Empress. She encourages you to create beauty in your life. Balance the divine masculine energies with the divine feminine. It is in this union, in this harmony, that we find our own soul’s true purpose.

What steps will you be taking to unleash your inner Empress? May the manifesting powers of the new moon in Aquarius empower your best intentions!

A thanks to the wonderful work of Molly McCord, who is teaching me practically everything I know about astrology.

The First Whispers of the High Priestess

How to Restore Our Divine Feminine with this Aquarius New Moon

We are at a turning point once again. We spent months realizing, identifying, accepting and releasing everything that needed to left behind. A dramatic ending heralded a new beginning, and now we are being asked to step into our authentic selves. After shedding many layers of society’s rules and regulations, other’s expectations, and the self-limiting beliefs that we had grown accustomed to, the time is finally here to reveal, release, and nurture our soul’s true purpose.

But how? The answers are not always clear, and the astrological alignments continue to keep some revelations hidden, making our path not fully illuminated. The High Priestess reminds us to surrender and trust that we know how we need to move forward. Or perhaps a better way to phrase it is that we feel what we really want.

Learning to Trust Our Intuition

Learning to separate the voice of the mind from the feelings of the heart is the first step toward embracing our intuition. For without a balance between our masculine and feminine selves, our true soul’s purpose cannot be achieved. Our inner and outer selves must be in harmony. We must respect the whispers of our intuition by letting her flowing waters guide us. The astrological placements of Venus in Pisces at this time are helping us in this regard.

When were challenged by the eclipses to end toxic relationships, habits, and patterns, The High Priestess set the stage for us with a call for stillness and deep inner reflection. Those of us who were able to quiet our minds were able to realize what we has always known, but forgotten. We agreed to put the swords away. We asked The Emperor and The Hierophant within each of us to take a back seat for a while, exchanging control for surrender and trust. This was the first step toward manifesting a new world.

A thanks to the wonderful work of Molly McCord, who is teaching me practically everything I know about astrology.

Spellcasting Preparation for this New Moon in Aquarius

Unleashing Our Soul’s Purpose, Healing the Divine Feminine

This new moon in Aquarius marks the beginning of our collective and personal new chapters. We have purged the old that stood in our way, and excavated the light that represents the true bliss deep in our souls. Now, as we plant the seeds of our intentions, be very clear of what you are leaving behind and what you are nurturing into being.

Aquarius is a humanitarian and revolutionary thinker who wishes to break down authority and convention. The new moon in the sign of Aquarius is offering us an opportunity to bring into being a whole new way of doing things. May we change the world through our vision and healing. Allow these beautiful energies to support your spellcasting on this new moon.

Preparation: North and South Nodes

First, you must determine which area of your life resonates the most with your dreams or calls to you most deeply. Forego the “shoulds” and the “woulds” and focus on that which brings you true joy. Those things that put you in your bliss. If you aren’t sure, you may want to check your natal chart for guidance.

The North Node represents your soul’s purpose and the challenges you must overcome in order to achieve your highest potential. Depending on which sign and house the North Node falls in, you will see in which direction you will achieve the greatest flow in life. The South Node represents the place of comfort where you may be languishing and resisting what the universe is calling upon you to do. The South Node also has a corresponding zodiac sign and house. It is useful to make note of how these aspects present in your daily life. Then consider ways for achieving greater balance between the elements of the two nodes.

The North Node represents that which is ahead of you. The South Node represents that which is in the past. We must achieve a balance between the two in order to pursue our soul’s path wholeheartedly.

Some Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Which activities make me feel like I reconnect with myself at the soul level?
  • What obstacles prevent me from immersing myself in this fully?
  • Which self-limiting beliefs or fears accompany these obstacles?
  • If I were to release all of those fears and self-limiting beliefs, what could my next steps look like?

Outlining Your Intention

Once you are clear about your direction, take a moment to meditate on your ideal final outcome. Don’t be afraid to dream big! This Aquarius energy is powerful, disruptive, and long term, so be sure to take your manifestation all the way to the stars! Get out of your mind and follow your heart.

Spellcasting for this New Moon in Aquarius: Unleashing Your Soul’s Purpose

I will be posting a list of materials and supplies, along with a basic outline of this spellcasting. I also hope to have a video ready to accompany you in your ceremony, if you wish to use it. This way, we can combine our magick into shared work! Blessed be!

A thanks to the wonderful work of Molly McCord, who is teaching me practically everything I know about astrology.

On Love: When Words Flow

Inside My World of Music

I’m going to share a little bit of my most intimate world with you. A few years ago, I learned about automatic writing or “psychography,” and realized that I’ve been channeling through my written word for as long as I can remember. I just never realized it was a ‘thing.’ And yes, this post is about love, but I need to put it into context first.

On September 6, 2001, I wrote a song called “Burning Sky.” For those of you who were in NYC when the Twin Towers came down, you know why that was prophetic. The air was thick with smoke, an orange haze hung in the sky. The streets were empty, plastic bags flying on gusts of wind. The city was eerily silent. Every human with a soul was in shock or mourning. And for some reason, I had snapped this photo shortly before that paradigm shift.

I was working on the Upper East Side the day the towers came down, and after they closed the subways and bridges, I had to walk home all the way to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I wound up barefoot because I had been in a suit and heels that day. Half way across the Williamsburg Bridge, I stopped to turn around and look at the destruction behind me. The sky was on fire.

The Original Williamsburg, Brooklyn

‘Willyburg’ was my first hood in New York City. I lived there way before all of the hipsters flooded the scene with their trust funds and squeezed the artists out. That was before our home lost its soul. Bedford Avenue was only like 5 blocks long. The Russian and Puerto Rican gangs were still duking it out at night. Shattered glass on the streets was normal. Nobody bothered me in my tights with hair in a bun on my way to ballet class.

I lived in a matchbox house built by a stained glass artist from Siberia. Walter’s basement, where his wife let us do laundry, was also his workshop and was filled with metal and colored glass fragments. And yes, sometimes rats died in the walls. But we were happy and free.

Black Betty was at the end of the block. That was the most badass place ever. They had an amazing Moroccan menu on the restaurant side, and live bands on the bar side all the time. That place would pack up to the gills and we would dance through the night. And I only had a few meters to drag myself home to at the end of the night. Those were some of the best days of my life. Before I stepped off of my own path, off of my own soul’s purpose.

After 9-11, I made a series of choices that would trap me in the 3D world for almost the next twenty years. But I believe that I couldn’t possibly know what I needed to fight for until I experienced what it was not. I wouldn’t trade those years for anything because I was allowed to bring four of the most amazing human beings I have ever known from my body out into the world. I suppose some gifts come at a price. Sometimes those are the ones we cherish the most.

Finishing Songs Undone

So, it was in the summer of 2001, up on the rooftop terrace of that matchbox house, that I wrote my first love song, “The One,” even though I was single at the time. I didn’t have anyone in mind when I wrote it. I had just bought myself my first guitar and was trying to write a little etude. I didn’t know who the song was for when I wrote it, but twenty years later it is all becoming clear to me. Those of us living beyond the 3D world already know that time is not linear. I suppose the messages from my past feel more at home today than they did back then.

That’s why I’ve decided to go back to the beginning to reconnect with my unfinished dreams. I guess the time for me is finally here. When the time is right, things return from the past and just fit. That’s what we learn as we shift into 5D, right? Just to let things flow and to enjoy the miracle of constant synchronicity. Surrender is the most beautiful thing I have ever known.

Eclipses always take something away in order to bring something new. When you lose everything, the compensation comes in abundantly – if you are willing to embrace the change. I am thankful for the isolation and destruction that the universe forced upon me during 2019, for it led me back to myself. And I’m glad to be back. Persephone made it out of the underworld and the flowers are blooming everywhere again.

I have written books full of songs that turned out to be prophetic later, and I will share them all in due time, possibly even with some stories about their origin. But in honor of this beautiful Venus in Pisces, spiritual love is upon us. This is a love that rises to the 5th dimension and is not burdened by the base instincts of the ego, attachment or control. It is within our grasp if we can open our hearts to feel it. Well, that’s what my music tells me anyway. For now, I need to sift through these old recordings to see if any of them are salvageable, or better yet, I’ll record them again for you! ❤

Erase Me

Sometimes it’s better to give people what they think they want. “The ego’s dictate is “seek but do not find.” – Marianne Williamson

Erase me, here, let me help you
Everything I ever did
Everything I ever said

Erase me, here, let me help you
Everything I ever built
Everything I ever wrote

Erase me, I know you're trying to
Every arrow that I blocked
Every torrent that I stopped

Erase me, I know you want to
Every hand that I out held
Every bliss I ever dealt

Erase me, here, I can help you I'm gone
I guess you've won
Are you done?

Erase me, here, let me help you
Are you proud of what you've done?
Look at what you have become
In my non-existence
My beautiful non-existence

Now that I'm gone, can I move on?
Because I'm done

Erase me, unwind me to the beginning of time
Where I am no longer even mine

Erase me, go ahead, I know you want to
Erasing me won't get you away from you
In the mirror that same face will always look back at you
Even though I'm gone

Erase me, here, let me help you
Every smile you ever owned
Every touch you ever loaned

Erase me, here, let me help you
Every angry word I said
Every whisper I misread

Erase me, here, let me help you
Every melody I've sung
Every dance I've ever done

I'll make a new one
In my beautiful non-existence
I've already won because I'm gone

Lost Emperor: The Illusion of Control

Domination and Coercive Control

In my last blog entry, The Emperor is Out of Control, we looked at the Major Arcana archetype of The Emperor in his negative presentation, and the mirroring of these aspects in tyrannical and authoritarian governments. Entitlement, force, manipulation. These are all aspects both share.

Now, let’s see how these energies present in intimate partner relationships. “Psychopaths are intraspecies predators who use charm, manipulation, intimidation, and violence to control others and to satisfy their selfish needs” (Hare, 1996, p. 26). What is the common theme here?

Entitlement Over Others: Spiritual Theft

Every human on this planet strives to influence others in order to ensure that their own basic needs are met. This is natural. We try to impress our bosses, we strive to appeal to our intimate partners, we project confidence and toughness to those that might cause us harm. However, there is a difference between striving and stealing. When one intentionally uses deceit to control someone under the guise of “love,” this crosses the threshold into evil.

It is like eminent domain of the soul, without the possibility of just compensation. A theft under the pretense of love.

When someone uses threats or force to prevent another person from breeching their own personal boundaries, this is a natural defensive instinct. They are enforcing the protection of something that belongs to them. Something that they innately have ownership of, such as their own body, thoughts, feelings, identity, and basic human rights like life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

However, when an individual behaves with a sense of entitlement to exert coercive control over other human beings in order to force them to give up something of their own, this is something quite different. This is parasitic behavior. One is protective, the latter is predatory. The predator feeds on the souls of others as if it is his right. He does not value the soul because he does not have one. He wants everyone to agree with him, to be and think like him. This validation bestows upon him a false sense of belonging. The truth is that they know they are different, this is why they are desperate to hide it.

Soul Theft: Gaslighting, Manipulation, and Erasing Others

The soul predator’s desire to control is wrapped up in a pretty little patterned paper of “the absence of compassion or empathy,” and is tied up with a bow of a “willingness to use any means necessary to achieve their desired ends.” There is no bottom. But nobody sees that until the water has reached the boiling point. For most, at this point, it is too late. And the strategy always includes preemptive narrative control. One must be very sharp to see it.

Alarmingly, science has proven that the traits of malignancy in humans tend to increase over time, ie with age. It is an epidemic of grave proportions that is spreading, and people are living longer. Psychopaths exist at the highest levels of governments and hide behind facades of corporate leadership and cultish missions.

These soulless humans have one objective: to surround themselves with a group of obedient “adorers” who are easy to manipulate and are groomed over time to accept complete domination and control. Every time there is a push back, the consequence becomes more severe, and obedience is rewarded with flattery and false affection. The target learns quickly.

Left unchecked, an ‘army’ of believers will be used to carry out the tyrant’s objectives. We have seen how this can play out in politics and government, as well as in interpersonal relationships. As a society, what are we to do?

The High Priestess Can Show Us the Way

How do we bring The Emperor into balance? I believe that we must begin by raising the loving and intuitive qualities of the Divine Feminine back to their rightful place – a place of equality. A place of balance. Emotion, intuition, introspection, stillness. We must tune out the noise, the arguments, and the explanations, and we must do more listening. But listening to ourselves. Trusting the deep inner knowing.

We must begin with healing the Divine Feminine, because we cannot offer healing to others when we ourselves are broken. The Divine Masculine also needs healing. The Lost Emperor needs a soul. Whether the latter is possible to accomplish remains to be seen, but we will never know until we try. And the first step is opening the eyes of those people who, knowingly or knot, are marching to the beat of the tyrant’s drum. They must ascend beyond the 3D.

No more shaming of emotions, no more holding back tears. No more mocking the Divine Wisdom that The Great Mother whispers among the trees. The Lost Emperor ridicules because he does not know how to feel. But were he secretly offered a choice, I believe he would take it. For the truth is, when one is a slave to one’s fear of losing control, control has already been lost.

The Emperor is Out of Control

Lost Emperor, Make Way for the High Priestess

The High Priestess
of the Major Arcana in Tarot, embodies the Divine Feminine, sacred knowledge, intuition, change, and new beginnings. At this moment, we are coming out of thousands of years of rule by The Emperor. In his positive aspect, this archetype brings authority, establishment, and structure. In his negative aspect, these qualities appear in excess and become destructive. The Emperor becomes a tyrant, controlling, rigid and domineering.

The positive qualities of the Emperor are intrinsic to the functioning of a healthy society, however, it is glaringly obvious that this energy has spun out of control. When universal energies are not balanced by their counterparts, they become toxic. The Divine Feminine has been crushed and trampled almost to death, but the age of her return is upon us.

Emperor Out of Balance: Domination and Control

The Emperor, in his excessively negative and dysfunctional presentation, represents domineering and controlling energies. Remember, all archetypes present in all genders, but for clarity I will refer to them as they are depicted in the Rider Waite Tarot deck.

A tyrant is someone who places his needs before others, valuing himself above others, one who lacks compassion, human connection, and uses more force when force does’t work the first time. It is the energy of someone who cannot compromise, only knows how to up the ante, and cares only about winning. Major Arcana cards represent archetypes. Actual human beings are comprised of many different energies that are usually somewhat fluid and changeable.

Domination and Control in Governments

Now take a moment to compare the above mentioned characteristics to the following “evil” forms of government: An autocrat is defined as someone who insists on complete obedience from others, using cruel and despotic means to control and subjugate them. Dictatorships, a kind of Autocracy, are typically viewed as brutally repressive regimes where power lies in the hands of a single individual. Basically, everything Western democratic governments supposedly abhor.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was established in 1948 in response to the atrocities of WWII, led by one of the most infamous autocrats of all time, Adolf Hitler. And what did the worst autocrats like Hitler and Stalin do? They ruthlessly and systematically dehumanized people.

Hitler dehumanized anyone who did not bestow him with absolute allegiance. In fact, toward the end of the war, he even threatened to eradicate all Germans who did not support him completely. His sense of entitlement over others was absolute and universal. According to the Tarot, Hitler clearly embodies the characteristics of The Emperor at his worst. Manipulative, cruel, selfish, non-human. In my view, a body without a soul. A human-less human.

Many decry the comparisons of the current government in the US to previous tyrants. We know that Putin already ranks. But what people fail to comprehend is that the decay is progressive and gradual. The analogy of the boiling frog is poignant once again. Liberty is stolen one step at a time, until the circle is complete and we are trapped inside. The wise ones know to pay attention from the first footstep.