II. The Great Awakening is Coming

The High Priestess and Pluto: Ten Steps From Darkness to Light

From the 12/12 portal over the galactic center to the eclipse on the Solstice, the powerful and magical energies of the last months have been intense and tumultuous. And these energies have been desperately needed. The Great Awakening is upon us as Uranus moves direct at this same time. Let us walk forward boldly with the High Priestess at our side, Judgment is here to sound the trumpets.

For me, it was exhilarating to rip off the chains of The Devil and just leap into the abyss of the unknown like The Fool, because anything is better than staying where we have been. Especially for those of us who manifest what we love and desire into our lives – this fresh start is thrilling. We accept the challenge! Nobody else has a say about our lives anymore. This is freedom. We are no longer bound by external forces.

The Tower has now appeared to us either as an omen of chaos and destruction or as a long awaited relief. It was up to us to choose which one. But we had to do the hardest thing of all to earn it. For some it has been more violent than others, and many may indeed find themselves not getting out of it at all, but going for another round of the same.

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